Fix A Ding

I haven’t done a post on doing basic ding repair on a surfboard. I know some people who read this blog know how to fix a ding already, but maybe some don’t, or haven’t had the opportunity (thank goodness).
I recently picked up some sun curing resin that has cut up bits of fiberglass cloth in it suspended inside. The stuff I bought was made by Phix Doctor (Dura Rez Kit), but I suppose you could make your own by buying some fast cure epoxy or 5 min epoxy and mixing in some 4 oz finely chopped up fiberglass cloth.
I watched the video Phix Doctor recommended with the kit and here’s my two cents:
1. Wear a mask when working with the stuff and not a tank top.
2. Wear nitrile gloves if you’ve got ’em.
3. The magic “Magnifiers” are just Mylar scraps.
4. Of course, Popsicle sticks, bamboo sticks, etc. can be used as the spreader sticks.

Ok, so, given that, here’s a tail on my 7’6″ that was looking really bad with a bad chip out of it:


The yellow wasn’t going to come out, unfortunately (I was too late), but the rest, I think I could save. I used the 100 grit sandpaper that came in the kit to remove the grime and smooth out the damage:


Much better.
I applied the resin using the given sticks in section one (left side) while in the shaded garage:



Following the instructions, I used my finger over the Mylar piece to make sure the resin permeated into the board and the excess went onto the Mylar above and below. I took the board outside into the sun and held in up to the sun for 4 minutes. I know the directions said 3, but I went overboard.. I brought it back inside. The resin still felt a little tacky even then, so I waited a few extra minutes in the garage before moving on to the next section in the middle.
Here’s the final section (right):


And here’s the completed product:

I was happy with the outcome, especially compared to the nastiness that was there before. I was not happy with the instructions given on the website- I found them to be a bit on the hazardous side, in my humble opinion, but that’s just me.
Also, I wonder if there’s some other cheaper option:
Can clear shipping tape folded over onto itself serve as the Mylar bits?
You know, there’s got to be something better to use in the Renaissance Fair Jousting Tournaments, or I’m going to have to do this over and over again.


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