Surfboard Wax Softener for Easier Removal

Okay, so I’ve heard that coconut oil is supposed to be pretty good for you in lots of ways. Of course, I used some in one of my past projects for natural surf wax, and I still had some leftover. While I know it’s healthy to cook with it or eat it, well, it ain’t butter.
As far as non-healthy uses, I started thinking. My original complaint about “organic, natural” surf wax is that it was too soft due to too much coconut oil in the formula. So, what about using a coconut oil emulsion to help soften up hard tropical type wax to help in removal instead of noxious chemicals?
First, I got an empty spray bottle and my organic coconut oil:

I mixed up approximately 1 part coconut oil to 3 parts tap water. I went a little stingy on the coconut oil, fearing too much may clog up the bottle. This a picture BEFORE the bottle was shaken up:

As a test, I used a board that has a pretty icky wax job. There’s a seahorse under there. Let’s see if we can find it:

After shaking up the bottle very well, I sprayed the area and rubbed the emulsion into the wax briefly. It wasn’t oily at all. After just a few seconds, I gave it single passes with the scraper, and voila! the wax became quite soft:

It actually left behind no wax residue to clean up with the Pickle, and it really isn’t oily and slick, just a little wet. I did all this in a garage, but putting it out in the sun first would make the process even faster. I may put a little more coconut oil in the mixture next time. Just remember to shake the bottle every time you spray.
Hmmm….maybe I will try some of this on the grill later.

2 thoughts on “Surfboard Wax Softener for Easier Removal

  1. Thanks so much- been taking a little break but getting back to work this week! 🙂 Glad you enjoy the projects, I try to put a lot of thought into each one to come up with something I think will be useful to someone out there.


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