An Easy Way to Hang Up Your Leashes

Lately, I’ve had an issue with my extra leashes getting all tangled on the shelf, or sliding off the pegs I have in the garage. Here’s a simple hack to remedy that problem.
Here’s my peg rack, which is mounted on the wall just a little over 5 feet high:

Now, you might use a hook system, a tie rack, whatever. Anyway, I measured the diameter of my peg at about 7/8″. I estimated the diameter of my leash cord at about 1/8″ average.
Given this, I set out to the hardware store to find a rubber o-ring with a 1″ Inside Diameter (check in the plumbing section). Your o-ring may be smaller since my pegs are honkin’ big.

Once you have your o-ring, roll it (or stretch it) over the end of the leash that attaches to the board.

Once it’s on, the o-ring should slide freely up a down the cord, but not fall off the leash. Slide the ring to the middle of the cord and hook it over the peg or hook.

The friction of the rubber and the tight fit will keep the leash cord from slipping around and falling off, and you can take it right off the peg easily. As a bonus, you never need to remove the o-ring off the leash, since you’ll never even notice it while surfing.
Here’s my organized peg rack now with leashes that don’t slide off:

Problem solved!
Now get back to flailing!

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