Surfboard Doctor’s Bag

With the generally accepted happiest time of year before us (surfers actually call that hurricane season instead), I always like to think up a gift craft that can be a useful to another surfer, or yourself.
For this year, I was inspired by a recent friend’s unfortunate drop-n-ding. She only has the one board, and can’t wait for the ding repair guy to “get around to it”. The swell has been fun for days, and she doesn’t want to miss out in case there’s more.
So here’s a little fix-it kit for those patch repairs on the fly.

First in the kit:

Oh so pretty. The non acetone pads are for surface prep and cleanup before doing any sort of repair. You want to get rid of any residue, and the pre-soaked single use pads are handy to have, and the non-acetone is safe for most glass jobs on boards. The emery boards are to also sand and prep the surface to do any epoxy work. I find these to be more useful than sandpaper, since they are more precise and only sand the areas necessary. Also, 80% of dings seem to gravitate towards the rail, so it’s easy to sand a section that’s on a curved rail, without slipping up and sanding a bigger swath by accident.

Secondly in the kit:

These items are for the really quick and dirty repairs. These days, they sell duct tape in sheets with backing, like a large sticker sheet (this sheet is cut in half). You can find these at the craft store, and now even at the hardware store. Duct tape is a great in-a-pinch repair, sealing out water fairly well temporarily. To go with it, an Exacto knife allows you to cut a custom sized repair patch. Heck, you can even make it stylish. Beats wrestling with a large strip of tape sticking against itself while you’re trying to stick it on your board, only to find sweet wrinkles all over the place.

Next in the kit:

Of course, for those deeper dings, there’s the tried and true SunCure, PhixDoctor, etc. to include. PhixDoctor comes in a tube that doesn’t go bad, and seems to work well in my experience. To help with this, I included a few small plastic stir cups and some wooden craft sticks that you can pick up really cheap for a huge package of eighty!

Finally, the last items:

SAFETY ITEMS! Of course! Throw in a few pairs of nitrile disposable gloves (I’m sure you have a few to spare from your stash!) and a couple of painters’ masks to use when working with the PhixDoctor. I DON’T CARE if you say if it’s overkill- I’d like to keep the remaining brain cells I have, when working close to any chemicals, thanks, tough guy. We will note your hard coreness.
Lastly, I packed this in a tote with a snap on lid with a top handle for easy toting out to the garage or yard, where you’re probably doing your repair.
In addition, download and print out this handy list to include in the kit which is a synopsis of what I’ve explained above:
All in all, this kit comes out to less to 20 bucks to assemble, with the PhixDoctor and the Exacto knife probably being the priciest items. This is certainly something that will please the avid surfer on your list.
Honestly, do you really need to be in any position where you could be vulnerable to staying home during the holidays because you can’t patch up your board?

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