DIY Longboard Noseriding Stripe

Just in time for the leprechaun wave season, I got a great 9’0″ plank for catching little rollers and practicing my ever futile attempts at noseriding, or at least walking up close to the general vicinity.
The board I got is a great shape, a hint of pigginess, but it’s as plain as the barnyard hog.

Fat bottomed surfboards make the world go round….
I added a tiny blue turtle sticker as a marker to at least distinguish it somewhat, but it’s not enough.
To give it a bit of personality- but also make a useful mark- I decided to make a “competition” or “noseriding” stripe. These can be found on many hand shaped and manufactured surfboards today. Officially, the stripe demarcating the nose area of a surfboard starts at the last 25% of the surfboards’ length. This standard is credited to Tom Morey in 1965, and is still in use today.
To make my “comp” stripe, I gathered a pencil, a tape measure, DUCT TAPE (is there anything it CAN’T do?), and scissors. Goody for me, they have Pink Glitter Duct Tape now. Don’t judge- it’s my freakin’ sweet board.
Glitter! Supposedly, the glitter is NOT supposed to flake off. Good.
I also used a narrower version of duct tape in green to use as an accent.
Don’t like Pink? Yeah, they actually make Duck Dynasty duct tape:
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
For my 9′ Starr, this means the stripe will begin at 27 inches back from the nose. I measured this from the center stringer tip of the nose back to 27 inches to make my marks.
Unfortunately, I would be taping over the Starr logo, and removing the happy little turtle. Boo.
I used a straight edge to draw a straight line across the nose, checking for symmetrical distances from the nose on either side of the stringer.
I was ready to place my first tape- the green accent line- even with the top of the tape along the pencil line. I used a wax comb (the smooth edge) to get rid of any bubbles. I cut the tape at the edge of the rails.
Its straight, I swear! The logo’s angled up!
Next, I abutted the fabulous glitter stripe right under the green stripe, then the other accent green under that. I found I needed 2 layers of the glitter tape to cover the logo since its slightly transparent. I will remedy the lack of a logo in a sec.
I felt bad for covering up the Starr logo, so I put the Core Surf shop logo on, choosing a green color from a few I had picked up. Wish he had glitter….
Ok, I bet the shop owner will be THRILLED to have this kook representin’.
Here it is after a wax job- it’s hard to tell it not painted until you see the rails where it ends. If you’re really trying to fool people, wrap it all the way around.
So there you have it, a simple, cheap way to mark off your longboard’s nose and add a touch of style. Even if the board gets a suntan, the stripe mark is still generally useful to a future owner if I sell it. I have a feeling this one’s going to be around a while, though.
I do need to watch myself though with my duct tape obsession in surfing projects, or you can call me Boomhauer Fanning.
Yep, I’d go with the Speedos too.

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