Surf Car Organizer DIY

My Car Organizer

We’ve had an unusual little run of surf lately from the wacky El Nino pattern really starting to show up this winter. Of course, I was scrambling the other morning (with most of the county) to get my butt moving and into the water.
I managed to squeeze myself into my wetsuit, only to be flipping towels looking through the backseat for my key lock and my wax of all things. My leash was in the trunk, so I was running around my car like I was Benny Hill and it was time for a “sexy party”.
I’ve seen these car organizers for people with kids and for road trips, but never for surf crap accessories. I also wanted one that I could take out of the car easily for those times when I’m not surfing, and I wanted to have room for passengers, Here’s the one I made from a store bought shoe holder that holds wax, leashes, sunscreen, etc.:
….AND, I made THREE for $7.00 from 1 shoe organizer I bought from the local outlet store clearance rack. Bonus points if you can find one from your local Goodwill. Mega bonus points if there’s one in your closet not being used that you can use for this project.
Here’s the original:

Lucky to find this shoe organizer in nylon fabric with extra mesh pockets. It takes up the whole door!

Since it was such a long shoe organizer, I cut it into three sections, following the seam lines:

One section cut away

This particular shoe rack was made from rip stop nylon, so I could have just sealed the edges with a glue like stuff you can get at most craft stores called Fray Check, since nylon will fray out with use.
For this project, I decided to finish the edge by overlocking it on my sewing machine, then covering the edge with some bias tape I has lying around. I wasn’t particular about matching colors, so I used brown:

Personally, I buy bias tape from the clearance bin at my local sewing store in several colors. You can use it in a lot of projects.

Here’s what it looks like after binding the top edge:

Bias tape bound top edge of the organizer

Next, I needed some way to hang it in my car that would be easy to remove. For this, I decided to set grommets spaced a little wider apart than the posts on my front seat car headrest, then I strung thick round elastic rope through and knotted the ends to make a hanger.

Old bungee cord works great for this project!


View from the backseat…

I can now get everything of the floor, out from under the towels in the back seat too. I can get to the hyped swell super fast, and wipeout all the sooner.

Ok, not me. But it feels that way in my mind…..

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