Invisible Surfboard Traction DIY

As much as I’ve loved my Starr super wide tail shortboard, I’ve decided to return back to a true funshape style, still a Starr 6’10” (hey, at my age, that counts as a shortboard). So, I traded it in at my favorite surf shop-TOTAL PLUG ALERT-Core Surf!

Every time I get a shortboard, I put this spray traction on the tail, since I tend to use my toes to pop

Monster Paint

up-a bad habit on a shortboard. But, I don’t want to take the chance that my toes slip and I get hurt. By just putting it on the end tail, it won’t rub me raw sitting on it. I just don’t like traction pads in general anymore, since I like to pop up on the absolute end of the board, and the raised traction kind of throws me off. Many people also use this on their longboards on the nose area so they don’t have to wax that part every time, which is also very smart. The stuff I used is called “Monster Paint”. I was given a can of it about 3 years ago, and there’s still a lot left, and I’ve sprayed a lot of boards. I haven’t had to reapply it, since I typically wax over these areas anyway for extra insurance. Monster Paint is about the only brand of spray on surfboard traction I found out there, it’s pretty hard to find except on Amazon (or if you get one as a gift! Yay!).

For this project, PLEASE use safety glasses and a filter mask. Tarps and painters’ tape are also needed.
I set up where I wanted the traction to go, making sure I taped off the rails and even the leash plug, to avoid getting those areas roughed.

My safety equipment on my new board
The area is taped off, with tarps laid down underneath,
as well as over the deck of the board I did not want sprayed.

You don’t need much of this stuff at all- make sure you do some test sprays on your tarp (mask and goggles on in a well ventilated area!!!) to clear out any gumminess. Shake the can WELL! I do a VERY light ghost pass to cover the area, then wait 15 minutes. I repeat the feather light pass again, and that’s it. It will be plenty covered, trust me!

The Spirit of OutKast compels me to shake it
like a Polaroid picture
You can really see the sheen from the spray
Area with the tread/area without tread

This brand requires a full 24 hours to handle traffic, but states that it still continues to cure for a few days. You can see how if you had an expensive wood or fabric inlay board, this stuff could come in quite handy, as it doesn’t cover the artwork.
I have another project for this board on deck….at the other end!

I made a brand new leash string for my
rough and ready buddy!

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