Pimp My Boardshorts (Part II)

So last time, I took the nasty Velcro out of my fave pair of boardies. Now, I wanted to upgrade the fly opening to a Lycra one to prevent any gapping when the fly is open. Luckily, I had an old rash guard I wanted to de-sleeveify…..

Using my trusty rotary cutter, I folded my old rash guard in half to trim the sleeves off.


This allows me to make an even cut on both sides at once. I’ll follow up with finishing up the armhole seams later. For now, I’m after the sleeve leavins’.

I only need a triangle of the Lycra from the rash guard sleeves, so I’m going to take the piece from the bottom of the cuff, since the wrists already have nice finished seams.

So, since I needed a triangle, I used the rotary cutter to make one, with the wide base being the wrist seam.

With right sides together, I sewed the triangle of Lycra to each side of the fly, stitch from the top of the fly down into where the fly comes together (yes, this is tricky!). I also top stitched across the base of the fly on the outside to secure the bottom of the fly.

As as you can see, I just used a straight stitch set at 3.0. I’m using a longer stitch since I’m working with Lycra. Make sure you remove the waist ties before stitching- mine were already stitched in to the shorts, so I wrapped the ties up in rubber bands to get them out of the way.

Now that the fly has been set in, I’m going to add a little extra pimpage. Some waist ties on boardies have little grip dots to prevent the tie from backing out. To do this the cheap way, I used some leftover fabric paint in had in brown and made tiny dots just a few millimeters apart for 2-3 inches on each side of the tie, then I let it dry for 24 hours before taking it out into the water.


Even after a couple of months of surfing in them and washing them, they’ve held up great! So much better than surfing with my baggies down around my ankles in the whitewater.

And now…here’s some hotness from back in the day from the fine makers of Sundek baggies. Mmmm..that’s some groovy surfer meat.




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