Upcycled Surf Wax Pouch

I’m really into reusing stuff whenever I can, but I try not to be a hoarder about it, keeping everything “just in case.” Mostly, projects will pop into my head, and I’ll go to Goodwill to try to find what I need for it, or in this case- wait for a really bad craving to hit.

I wanted to make a little pouch for my surf wax for a while. Now that it’s Summer, and if I leave my wax on the beach in anything Tupperware, it melts quickly. Plus, I usually don’t have pockets in the Summer, so carrying a board AND a case to keep sand off my wax down to the beach is just a pain.

I wish this was picked off the beach, or saved from a turtle eating it, but, it’s from the candy aisle at the 7-11. These are great frozen. The foil pouch packaging is perfect for this project, and so this was my opportunity.

Obviously, I couldn’t get into it fast enough, and I couldn’t even cut it straight across, so I had to correct it.

I will keep a stock of duct tape around for projects. It’s great to decorate boards with. I like to hit the craft stores’ clearance for the crazy prints. This one is actually not too bad with the plaid! So, basically, I’m covering the pouch completely in duct tape on the outside wrapping around the edges. I reinforced edges and seams with a thinner duct tape in a contrasting print:

I used a pair of those titanium no-stick scissors, which helped a lot when cutting the tape. I folded the top edge down 1/2″.

Next, I added tabs to close the pouch, and to hold a key ring. I made these from the thinner duct tape. I used just a tiny bit of adhesive industrial Velcro to close the tab. According to the instructions, it takes 24 hours to cure.

So, I left the bottom of the pouch- which opens out- uncovered. It still has the York logo. Oh well. I had to put a reminder about who the wax belongs to by cutting out a piece of sheet duct tape they sell in craft stores now. It’s like a big sticker, but it’s still duct tape. The letters are scrapbook letters. I need to cover it with clear shipping tape to seal them.

Here it is with some wax and a comb in it, with a lanyard attached so I can wear it down to the beach around my neck, NO POCKETS!

One less excuse for me to use when I wipeout. Gotta work on that list.

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