No Plastic for Teal Pumpkin Halloween

img_0161I was reading online about this big trend with the teal pumpkins for Halloween this year. The thing is, if you have kids with food allergies, a Teal Pumpkin posted at your home  indicates you have non-food treats available.

Great idea, but I knew what goes along with that. Lots of little plastic trash that ends up in a landfill (or a beach, ahem). Some people have even suggested handing out balloons…..WTF?

img_0153Since I’ve been sitting around with a bad ankle injury from a silly close out wave, I’ve been doodling. Along these lines, I thought up something simple and maybe *somewhat* recyclable.

I decided on drawing up and scanning a couple of 1/2 coloring pages that can be quickly printed, cut or folded, and matched with a 50 cent pack of crayons to hand out on Halloween. I’ll still have candy, but I’ll make a few of these for those kids who would rather color….hey, I like it too.

You can draw your coloring page with a Sharpie, then scan, copy and print off some like I did, or just print off this PDF version:

Halloween Ocean Coloring Pages

Enjoy Bruh!

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