DIY Surfer Gifts: Sea Glass Pendant DIY

I have to admit, I’m not into the whole gift getting/giving scene for the holidays (I’m over 12 years old with no kids), I’d just rather go surfing. However, if you are giving gifts, handmade items are thankfully making a bold comeback.

A couple of years back, I collected some pieces of sea glass from a park in Jacksonville Beach. I love collecting sea glass since it’s like collecting very pretty refuse. Like a beach cleanup, only shinier.

This piece of green sea glass was quite an exceptional find for me, and I’ve debated on what to do with it. I didn’t want to drill it, glue it, or alter it substantially, so wire wrapping it into a pendant seemed like a good option. So, I wanted to share idea this in case you have a gift item to need to “get”. Of course, you can buy sea glass or shells to wire wrap, but finding them is always the better choice!

I used some 20 gauge silver tone wire that is extruded in a square shape instead of the typical round shape. The square shape (you can find this info on the package) is a bit more elegant to wrap stones with, in my opinion. When you twist and wrap it, it creates a little sparkle because of the edges of the square extruded shape of the wire catch the light. Again, you can pick up this type of wire at most hobby and craft shops.

You’ll also need a few tools: some small round nose pliers, wire nippers, a closed (soldered) jump ring in the same metal color, flat nosed pliers, and a cup-end wire rounder. The last tool is a nicety- it rounds off and files the end of your wire so it makes a dull, rounded end. Much better than a sharp, jagged end to snag or cut your skin! 

Tools for this project- I didn’t use the blue glass beads for this, but they can be added for extra bling.

Rounding off the wire end.

First, I used about six inches of wire, and wrapped a loop over the closed jump ring to secure it. 

Wrapping once around the jump ring to make the bail

From there, I started off by making a flat curl with the wire with my round nose pliers. This flat curl will go on the FRONT of the pendant. 
Next, I wrapped the wire around the sea glass like a cage. Don’t get too fussy, or your wire will break! Just wrap it, it’s supposed to be organic looking, you perfectionist.

Note the flat curl on the front to hide the wire end.

Backside of the pendant- wrapped to contain it like a cage.

When you get to the other end of your wire, make another flat curl to lay against the front of the pendant. You can see how these curls will hide your wire ends nicely, and not allow them to poke out. You may wish to use your flat nosed pliers to GENTLY pry the wire against the sea glass for a more flush fit.

Both flat curls on the frontside of the sea glass to hide wire ends (filing is still good!)

If you’re working with fine metals like sterling or gold, I would suggest using pliers with nylon tips to avoid denting or scratching the wire. Otherwise, don’t get twisted over it!!! Ha-Ha.

For this piece, I used a simple silver metal ball chain for the necklace, and it’s DONE!

Completed pendant!

Back to surfing….

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