Wetsuit Recycle Project #1: All Around Handy Grip

This cartoon reminds me of my attitude towards trying to salvage some things, especially wetsuits:

So after trimming the legs off of my fullsuit in my last post, I was left with two lower legs, including the knees. This suit has somewhat rubberized knee pads, not as rubberized as most on the market I’ve seen. 

A little freaky…

These are not generally prime sewing pieces for me since they are so thick and rubbery, of course. Certainly a nightmare to my sewing machine’s delicate mechanisms.

However, most make awesome grips to take out fins on surfboards instead of using and abusing a hand, foot, or taking a screwdriver(!!!) to an expensive fiberglass fin. Yikes. 

This project is super easy. Take your heavy duty scissors and cut around the knee pads, up to the flat lock or seam line outside the edge. Remember, neoprene doesn’t fray, so it’s all good. 

DON’T throw away any little trimming bits. We’ll use them later for another project.

I’m cutting *right* along the seams

They didn’t give me much knee pad on this suit for real


Get the surfboard out of your garage. Use grippy side down towards the fin. IF there’s residual wax on the knee pad, so what? This will be used for surf gear. Now the fin edge will be protected and so will your hands as you take it out of the fin box. Hopefully, unlike me, you remembered to remove any screws. Crap.

The inside seams of the wetsuit were taped in YELLOW!

Of course, they make great grips for anything, hot pads, etc., just be sure to get the wax off and clean them throughly before bringing them into a food environment- grody. Use some clear vodka to get the grimy off, it’ll clean the knee pads right up. Give the other knee pad surf fin grip to a buddy. With a swig of your cleaning agent to be friendly, yo.

Instant gratification project, AND you just upcycled something. I think you’ve earned the right to ride around on a manatee penalty-free for 15 minutes.

Just don’t post it on the internet, duh.

Your data looks statistically horrible, but tasty

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