Wetsuit Recycle Project #4: Handplane Leash

I STILL use this handy little thing when I take out the Handplane I made a while ago. Enjoy this flashback project that proves I’ve been recycling from da way back, yo.

Originally Posted April 4th, 2012.


Since Summer’s in the air, I figured it was time to pull out the poplar wood handplane I made and make some things for it I’ve been meaning to in time for warm water bodysurfing season (with a hope for some hurricane swells!).

I haven’t lost the handplane yet out in the water, but I thought it might be good to have a little insurance. I wanted to make a leash, but nothing too obstructive that would get in the way. Around the house, we had one of these coiled cord keychains.

For back when I had to be Keymaster for a wild night at the Bar. Sucks.

I just needed the coiled cord, so I removed the key ring from the one end and used a pair of tin snips to cut the hook end free from the cord.

I have the rustiest snips ever

Next, I made a wrist strap by cutting off the last 2 inches of an old neoprene wetsuit sleeve.

No sew, ready to go

If you need a bigger cuff, just cut a two inch section higher up the arm. To attach the cuff and leash, I used pieces of kumihimo cord I made before (or you can use paracord), and an overhand knot tied off to one side of the hand hold. I also made a lark’s head around the neoprene cuff to secure it.

No metal on this leash

That’s it! I’m going to leave this leash attached to my board, but I can cut the tie off if I want. A plastic zip tie would work great also, but I just wanted to avoid using any metal that could scratch up the board or get rusty over time.

I wouldn’t expect this to hold in super heavy waves, but then if I get into a super heavy wave and get tossed, I don’t want a square foot of poplar within close proximity to me anyway….

They force dogs to do this competitively in California. That’s puppy abuse right there, yikes-a-rama.

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