Wetsuit Recycle Project #6: Accessorize with Neoprene

It’s great when a DIY is quick, easy, useful and cheap. And if it repurposed something, well, that just increases my eco-hippie surfer cred just a little more, brah.

When I’m doing a wetsuit modification, the first pieces to go are usually the sleeves, and/or the legs. This leaves me with nice scraps to make loops from, simply by chopping off the sleeve and leg ends. 

Pile o sleeves

Hairbands and fun bracelets are my favorite projects for these bits. They’re no-sew, the hairbands are very handy to have around when I go surfing, and they’re a great way to repurpose a wetsuit. Don’t slice loops too narrow, however, or these could break easily.

Use your rotary cutter and a good straight edge. I love my metal yardstick

Three bands in three seconds. Boom.

This could be used on a man-bun. I don’t judge.

Blue Hawaii Elvis is shocked how good this looks

Tiki must now call me “Surf Capsule”. It’s my new surf name. Gnar

If you want to try another surfing hair accessory,  I also made a nice comfy headband from the neoprene.

I cut a large loop from a leg piece I had, sliced it in half, whipstitched a short piece of elastic onto each end with some polyester thread (or thin fishing line would work), and it’s now a soft headband. The elastic takes some of the wear and tear off the main part of the band, and helps it fit better.

Getting ready to cut off a loop

Cut it wide, it will hold up better.

Going to cut open this loop between the two seams

I used a scrap of 3/4″ elastic to join the ends

Whipstitch the elastic onto each end

This stuff works great too. Recycle your fishing line!!!

Headband complete.

I had to do a quick internet search to find this under “Neoprene Accessories.” It’s a neoprene collar by Marni, a top designer. I can’t even imagine how much this was ($100-200???), but apparently it sold out. Those people should have just purchased a surfer’s old wetsuit and saved hundreds of bucks by making their own. No neoprene collars for me, thanks. That’s way above my freakiness level….yikes.

Reminds me of Cousin Eddie’s dickey under his sweater

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