Wetsuit Recycle Project #7: Neoprene Sunglasses Pouch with Lining

I will never judge someone else’s taste in collectibles, because we all collect/hoard something. I used to think that collecting cars is ridiculous and pointless, but that same crowd would look at my collection of surfboards and think the same of my collection, so how could I judge? I do believe your collections also change with your surroundings. The collection of John Deere tractors that a man enjoys on his farm in Iowa now may need to morph into a different type of collection for his retirement to a condo in Boca Raton. Hot Wheels, perhaps?

Down here in Florida, I have become a “collector” of flip flops and sunglasses. Some women dig the Louboutins, I’ll take some nice waterproof Reef’s…and Olukai’s, and etc. I’ve managed to stay under 10 pairs of flip flops, but my sunglasses collection has now hit about 5 pairs. Only 2 of those are in scratch free condition, which is really shameful. They give you a little microfiber pouch to put your glasses in to keep them clean, but these are a pain to get open and put the glasses in, and there’s no cushion. So, I usually don’t bother with them. Hence the scratches, eventually.

That’s when I looked to my scrap pile of neoprene and picked out a nice sleeve piece with some color. Since using the neoprene foam fabric as a pouch alone may be too scratchy for my glasses, I’m going to use that flimsy microfiber pouch as a lining for my pouch, counting on the neoprene to give the pouch some structure.

A short sleeve scrap of neoprene

The microfiber pouch I’m going to use as lining

The shape is a little trapezoidal, but that’s not a big deal. 

I checked it again by slipping the microfiber lining pouch into the sleeve.

Cutting the bottom off straight across

From here, I just needed to close up the bottom of the pouch. I could have used my wetsuit adhesive that I’ve used before, but this time I’m going to blanket stitch it closed.

Small seam allowance at bottom

I’m using C-Lon poly thread, heavier than regular thread


Blanket stitched along the bottom

Once the bottom was sewn closed, I inserted the microfiber pouch into the neoprene pouch. I lined up the drawstring on the microfiber pouch so it was ABOVE the top seam of the neoprene pouch. This way, when I tacked down the opening of the lining to the neoprene, the drawstring would still draw up easily.

Sewing the lining in by hand with a smaller needle, and regular thread

That’s it! This pouch has some shape, so I don’t have to wrestle my glasses in and out of just the thin pouch, so I may actually use the thing now. Score.

And I’m within warranty, yo. 

This pair might be sacrificed back to the BROcean….

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