Kook Balm

We are fortunate here in Florida to have fairly temperate weather, albeit with blazing hot Summers lately. I’ve already become a super sexy shade of ruddy in my face from all the Sun we’ve been getting.

Get that lady some Aloe, STAT

Luckily, also because of our Sunny weather, the Aloe Vera plant seems to thrive here. That’s a great remedy for a Surfer who gets sunburned, salted, and dried out after surfing for an hour or two. I’m certainly no expert gardener, but when I remember to water these plants…..WOW! I actually look like I know what I’m doing.

 This site has a little info on growing your Aloe plant. I agree with most of the tips in that site, but in Florida, it’s so hot, I water often and try to keep my plants out of the direct sun, since our heat can be a killer for any plant.

Ooooh… I’m an ant

If you live here in Central Florida, you really shouldn’t pay for Aloe Vera. Ask around first and see if a friend grows it, because they’re super easy to propagate, and can be a nuisance for some people if not maintained! If only my vegetable plants did so well. 

Here’s a plant I just harvested some leaves from, with a couple of “pups” shooting up from the corner of the pot.

They want out

I gently pulled the pups away with a root intact, so I could replant them into another container with standard well draining soil. The new container is my nursery for more “Kook Balm.” I call it that since if I was too dumb to put on sunscreen, It Gets the Kook Balm.

Damn it, Grumpy Cat!


Only one-rooters

Kook Balm Nursery

To harvest Aloe gel, just tear away leaves at the base. The goo (the good stuff!) will start oozing out from the leaf immediately, so gather them in a non-stick container.

Stainless steel bowl from Goodwill works great

Big dragon tail

After surfing, I usually just tear off a leaf, peel it open by hand, and rub the clear Aloe Vera gel directly from the leaf onto my skin. It naturally absorbs quite well within a few minutes. It really does help minor sunburns well, and it is the best stuff you can get.

The gel absorbs quicker than a lot of store bought stuff

Aloe gel doesn’t store indefinitely, so that’s why I like to keep plants nearby so I can use it by the leaf, but some extra supply can be kept in the refrigerator in a well-sealed container up to two weeks. It’ll start getting kind of rancid in your fridge and getting brownish when it goes bad. It should be kinda obvious. And gross.

Aloe can easily be grown indoors too, but they need a lot of sunshine, water, and heat. My plants HATE getting chilly- like me.

Tomorrow, I’ll post an easy Aloe DIY for the Surfer Girl with fine hair and no desire to drive down to ULTA anytime soon and spend mad cash.

World’s Gonna End

5 thoughts on “Kook Balm

  1. I’ve always wondered how the inside of the aloe plant looked! This is so cool. I knew they were for sun burns but I don’t go out enough to get them haha. Also the city I live in does not get too much sun. I see these in stores sometimes!

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