My Car’s Summer Surf Kit: A Series

Every Summer, I like to put together a kit to keep in my car with stuff that can be helpful when I go surfing, or when I’m finished surfing and need to go somewhere afterwards. I never want to pass up a chance to surf or paddleboard if I’m feeling good (chronic headaches, boo), AND it’s Summer, so I’d better be prepared like a Girl Scout when those stars align.

Not my car, but nice paint job

So, I thought it would be fun to share what I typically throw into My Car’s Summer Kit to prepare for pre-surfing, surfing, and post-surfing. I’m also going to include some new little projects and hacks I’ve added this Summer to upgrade my kit without spending a ton of extra cash. 
Anywho, I hope you enjoy this upcoming little series about the surf crap in my car. Really.

I’m SOOOOOO much better now, I swear

Have I told you lately how much I really appreciate you folks reading this? You’ve got patience. Go ahead, buy that Meyerhoffer you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it.

Glad you don’t take yourself too seriously either. It’s a good thing.

This looks like my setup!

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