My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: Upcycled Surf Wax Holder

Starting off the Summer Kit right- with plenty o’ WAX!
I’ve done a few projects using the original paper surf wax boxes and brand labels, including this, this, and this (clicky, they’re awesome).
Since I like to save these in decent to good Still going strongcondition for crafting, I’ll use my wax pouch I made for a bar that’s readily accessible in the front seat pocket. Then, I’ll keep a few boxes tucked away, where the boxes themselves won’t get as damaged.

This year, I wanted to be more efficient and streamlined in my surf kit, so I grabbed

Empty Box

the empty Kleenex cylinder my In-Laws just finished up. It’s thick cardboard, with a partial lid (there was an opening for the tissue, of course). 

I discovered that it fit seven Sex Wax bars perfectly! If you broke the Sticky Bumps into halves, it would also fit several bars as well. The Sex Wax bars, if they are whole, will not fall out with the outer rim on, but I made a little cover from one of the wax boxes by sealing it and laminating it with packing tape.

Made a cover to insert into the lid rim

Without their labels and boxes, this can hold a lot of wax!


No worries about stocking my car with wax this Summer AT ALL. Yes, even if it’s hot, the wax will be in an opaque cardboard container AND the Warm/Tropical Wax (like we use here in Florida right now) is a harder formula of wax so it will be less likely to melt. And points for recycling and avoiding more plastic.
You could stop there, or you could bedazzle it, like I did:

Painting the cardboard tube with acrylic craft paint

Once you pop….I like Sour Cream and Onion. Can you tell?

Now, some of you are WAY ahead of me. I guess you’re right, it could be made into a coin bank to save for the gnar-gnar surf trip of yo dreamz……

“But the BRO-chure said this was the ‘Land of Surfers'”

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