My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: Surf Gear and Organizer

There’s nothing I hate more than getting to da Beach, and I forget something, or my gear breaks right as I’m going out to surf. 
Well, I also really hate it when it happens to other surfers too, since pissed-off surfers equals less stoke in the lineup, therefore less FUN for all. Then, it’s just a vicious spiral into the 7th Pit of Gnarnia.

So, I’ve always tried to keep a few spare items and tools handy in the Mirthmobile as a just-in-case- for everyone’s sake, not just me. It’s like I’m the Sea-Tow of surfing for the Cocoa Beach surf community if someone can find me. I hate crowds.

To store all this in the surfmobile, I use a modified over the door organizer (my original project’s here), cut a little short so it works in the Sexy Hatchback. I also stabilized it with a wood dowel threaded through the top casing.
My Surf Kit Organizer Stuff:

  • An extra fin or two just in case one gets eaten by sharks,
  • A Save-A-Surf Kit,
  • A Fin Tool Kit,
  • My FCS screw keychain,
  • Wax,
  • A couple of hats and/or hair ties, and a wet brush- all of these are useful to keep on hand in Summer,
  • Suntan Lotion (OF COURSE!),
  • A 6 ft leash, and a 9 foot leash to insure I’m covered if I’m on a funshape or longboard/SUP,
  • Extra Sunglasses and extra contacts for when I sometimes lose a contact if I wipeout super gnarly brah!

Here’s how it looks without my other gear……

It stays out of the way in the trunk nicely, and frees up some more space for me in general to put MORE crap in it. Hint of more posts to come….

Yeah, I guess you could use it for Teddy Grahams and Diaper Wipes too, but these items are a lot more FUN.

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