My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: After Surf Change of Clothes

Several years ago, I had a good friend read me the Riot Act because she had asked me to lunch after surfing, and I couldn’t go because I didn’t have a change of clothes in my car. I missed out on a free lunch, but I remembered her words: ALWAYS keep a change of clothes in my car just in case you need to go somewhere after surfing.

She had a great point.

So, with that sage advice, I now keep a roll of clothes packed in my car at all times. Synthetics are your friend in this case, since even a good rinsing after surfing will still leave you damp and a little crusty. Synthetics like Lycra can be useful to hide any lingering ocean on your skin as well.

Most of the time I keep in reserve:

  • A bikini– You never know if you may want to surf again later, and I can use them as underwear ya know….
  • Capilene Knit T-Shirt- I got this from Patagonia, and it’s great if I’m a little damp still, since the material is similar to Lycra,
  • Billabong Submersible Boardshorts– They look polished and respectable, but again, they dry quickly (and can be used in a later sesh),
  • OR, A Lycra Cover -Up Dress– these are handy to have for surfer gals in a pinch since they’re a quick way to look nice with some nice sandals. I bought mine for $15 at an outlet store. They have tons.
  • Back-up Flip Flops- Either a nice pair of sandals to go with my change of clothes, or a water pair. I’ve had my flip flops stolen a few times. Once by a large crow. No lie.

For my current pack, I used a microfiber hair drying towel (very useful for drying hair without a blow dryer) and roll my clothes into a tight jelly roll for packing. Keeps the clothes relatively wrinkle free, and takes up less space.

I keep my summertime changing towel, my clothes roll, some deodorant wipes (see the pic), and some 

back up flip flops in a plastic tote that has seen A LOT of use. The handles make it easy to take dirty laundry into the house later also.

Boom! My kit’s done!

With the exception of a few odd items for events or trips, that should cover most of my regular Summer surf and paddleboarding needs, yet I still have some room in my trunk and the backseat. Score.


4 thoughts on “My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: After Surf Change of Clothes

    1. Thanks!
      Yup, I watched this huge crow fly off with one back into the dunes, so when both were gone, I figured he had already snagged the first one!! πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ D’oh!

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