Surf Wax Aromatherapy 

It’s been pretty flat and stormy lately, so I’ve been hanging out enjoying the Great Indoors when the storms blow through.

Since I’ve been feeling homey, I had thought about all of these candles and scents I see on TV that are advertised ad nauseum. A popular item I’ve seen for sale at surf shops and online is the “Surf Wax Candle”. Heck, I’ve even made some myself. Yes, they’re more natural- and not chock full of chemical soup- BUT, I’m not a huge fan of having open flames in my house. A pleasant smelling house is nice. Potential raging flames…not so much.

These smell great, but can be a problem if you forget about it

So, I got out my candle warming plate from Walgreens (less than $5), a stainless steel spoon rest I picked up at Goodwill ($1), and some oils I already had in the pantry ($1-$7 each bottle, which has a lot of scent), and I made an full-blown experiment out of it.
Needed: Surf wax, candle holder, warming plate, various aroma oils.

Just a little wax is needed

I used three different types of popular surf wax for melting and scenting my surfy abode: Sex Wax, Sticky Bumps, and Mrs. Palmer’s. Here’s my findings…..

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax (Warm Water)– This wax on its’ own has a warm, kind of tropical scent, so it paired best with a few drops of kitchen Vanilla. Together, the combo produced a pleasant, but not overwhelming, scent while melting on the candle heater. The scent is still nice and inviting, but quite light.

Testing out the Sex Wax

Sticky Bumps (Warm Water)– Since this wax already has a pretty strong sweet smell, I melted this on its own for a while. The aroma was improved, in my opinion, with a few drops of citrus oil. The “Calming” Oil had hints of citrus that really matched well with the base smell of the wax.

My little surf wax laboratory

Mrs. Palmer’s (Warm Water)– This is not my favorite wax for surfing in Florida, but it certainly won points with me in this project since the base wax has very little odor, allowing for almost any type of oil combo. The best recipe was a combination of Vanilla with some Lavender oil. Very relaxing, and definitely the strongest smell of the three. The finished wax still has a very strong smell, even after heating it for more than an hour.

The best part of this project is dumping the melted remains into a waxed paper cup mold to be remade into a wax bar again for my surfboards. Only this time, I’ll get to enjoy the scents in the water too! As long as I didn’t use too much, the oils didn’t add any color nor change the consistency of the wax, so it works just as well as before.

Precaution! Don’t use Peppermint or Cinnamon to scent up your wax if you’re planning on using it as surf wax unless you like sexy, spicy rashes all over your bod. Ow.

These are the new wax bars after I simmered the oils in them

A lot of people pay extra money for happy smelling surf wax, and now you can make your own too. It’s not expensive, and as long as you use natural oils, it’s not adding any harmful chemicals. 

I’m going to be using the “Calming” Oil formulation a lot since it’s been pancake flat for several days here. I really need some patience.

WHOOOO needs waves?!? I do!

9 thoughts on “Surf Wax Aromatherapy 

      1. 😁 Cornwall, UK. Current water temperature is 14.1°C. Winter gets down to 7 or 8°. I’ve never surfed in just boardies, full suit all year. I love it though. Less people when it’s cold. I live for the winter 😎

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      2. HaHa 😁 Never been called GNAR before.😎 I’ve never surfed in warm water so I don’t know what I’m missing. In February/March my wettie will freeze overnight in the car sometimes 😬 This is the warmest water in the UK though. Every surfer North of me is gnarlier. Thurso, top end of Scotland, only hits 6°c water temp in the summer and you hit chunks of ice in the water when you surf!!! That’s hardcore. I’m a big southern softie. 😁

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  1. I feel the same as you do about open flames. With 2 dogs and 2 cats in the house it really is not the safest thing. I don’t have any surfboard wax but you have inspired me to look in to getting some unscented wax and experimenting with my own custom scents to use with a warmer! Maybe I can at least find a combination that can make my house smell like a day at the beach!! 😀

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    1. I’ve also used Lor-Ann oils too- you can get them where they sell baking stuff, and they have a Pina Colada scent 🤗. I can’t make a good dessert, but at least my wax can smell tasty! It’s really works to make the house smell good 😃

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