My Surfboards: Funjun Funshape

Recently, I had a board shaped at Core Surf as kind of an experiment. A really fun type of experiment.

I wanted a shortboard (truly, it is called a funshape or mini-mal by definition) that could surf the tiny- sometimes choppy- waves of our Florida East Coast summers. Bonus if it could surf the decent stuff too. I also wanted something shorter than 7’2″, since that’s my cutoff for a shortboard if I ever want to do fun charity competitions. Most local competitions- IF they have the rule- require the board to be no taller than 2 feet than the rider to qualify as a shortboard to compete. Makes sense.
Since I’m not getting any younger, I opted for a 7’0″ “Funjun”. This shape has a wide backend to get into waves early, and looks a lot like a

Quad setup or single fin setup


miniature longboard with the thick rails and the wide nose. The other models of “Funjuns” typically have a 5 fin setup, but I wanted a single fin box instead on this one, with FCS boxes on the side to be able to switch to a quad setup if I wanted.

This shape finally seems to be the Holy Grail Board for me, at least

On my initial surf sessions in 2-3 foot okay surf conditions, I used a 7 inch fin from Captain Fin Co. It worked pretty well, but I’m a still a little timid to try crosstepping on it yet. It did slide out a little when bottom turning on a bigger wave, but I think that’s more my problem than the fin’s problem….

This is the 7″ single fin I use in it

Next, I picked up a larger quad setup by Captain Fin Co. as well. I removed the single fin and just used these for some decent 1-2 foot waves. These were definitely longboard waves, but this board allowed me to catch the same type of waves, but I could get “skatey” on them. That’s good, since I refuse to skateboard on the asphalt anymore. I don’t have much of my right meniscus left. Yikes.

Funjun Update:
This board has been incredibly fun the last few sessions. I’ve gotten some of the best waves I’ve had in a long while.

This is the “large” set of quads- I figured I needed a little more fin for the longer board

After surfing on and off for over a decade, I’ve tried a lot of surfboards out, and have been so disappointed in a lot of boards I’ve had. I’ve wondered how many people get to find their “Magic” board? The board that fits like the Glass Slipper.
It feels really nice to think I may have found MY perfectly matched board. Sounds weird, but now I think I understand what I’ve overheard older surfers talk about from time to time. They tell stories where a surfer may- a one point in his (or her) life- find their perfect surfboard. That perfect surfboard for that perfect time, for that perfect place. I hope this combination sticks around for a while for me.

Wow, is it already 4:20?!?


4 thoughts on “My Surfboards: Funjun Funshape

    1. I got custom boards WAY too early in my surfing journey- I should have stayed with the ones I could feel and see on the rack first. It would have saved me loads of time and heartache.
      It’s especially nice when you can finally find a shaper who is dialed in to the place you surf.
      I don’t travel too much these days, and I’m not as spry as before, so I don’t need a Kelly Slater potato chip special- I’ve got that figured out, at least πŸ˜‚
      I’m excited to see what I’ll be riding 20 years from now 😳


  1. I’ve never done the custom board thing. My ‘magic board’ is a 7′ egg, with a decent amount of rocker, that I’ve had for about 8 years. I surf so many different boards that I couldn’t decide what to get made. The shortest board in my regular​ quiver is a 5’4″ Mini Simmons, the longest a 9’6 log, but I surf a 6’6 Nugget on a regular basis and my pride and joy is a 7′ displacement hull. There’s a local shaper who will guide you through the whole process, over how ever long it takes, but you make the board yourself, so I’ll probably go down that route, if I ever do decide what I want πŸ˜€

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    1. It takes a lot of time to find something that’s right, then your own focus and abilities may have changed.
      Getting a custom feels like a leap (and the fall has been rough on quite a few). Some people do great on custom boards at the start, but I’m like you, and I love to ride LOTS of different boards. I’ll be on a longboard on Monday, a shortboard on Tuesday, an SUP on Wednesday, etc. πŸ˜‚ So, I really should have waited to get a custom!


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