My Surfboards: First Surf Love

This was my first real surfboard that I purchased about 15 years ago. A 7’6″ Town and Country funshape by Stu Sharpe (excellent local shaper). I had been learning to surf on a softtop for about 6 months or so at that point, so I decided to take the leap into the real deal.

My first surfy love

I bought this down in Melbourne, Florida at Longboard House. Like a total surfer girly girl, I will totally admit I saw it in the window, and it was going to be mine. Granted, I probably wasn’t quite ready for a funshape, but it had a lot of rocker (curve) in the nose and tail, which avoided a lot of nosedives on waves. The downside was, I needed to paddle a lot harder for waves because of the short size and the rocker, and I had to learn to “pop-up” much more quickly.

Lots O’ nose rocker

Kept me from pearling a lot

This board is fairly wide, which helps stability, but the narrower tail does help it to turn well. The true turning ability of this board is only something I found out MUCH later, after I learned to turn. Somewhat.

21 3/4″ wide!

Of course, the paint job is gorgeous. The pictures don’t show the purple iridescence, and the hibiscus motif is just eye catching.

A beautiful surfboard is a joy forever

It still comes out for a surf now and then, but it is mostly my babied wall hanger these days since it already has more fixed dings than I would like.

I’m truly not a materialistic person, but I know how Wayne felt seeing his Fender Stratocaster in the shop….

It DID become MINE

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        I was so terrified when I went to Costa Rica a few years ago, my husband had to help me through Customs after a couple of Cuba Libres on the flight. It was the only way to fly….😂😂😂

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