Car Seat Covers….Fast-N-Fly

This past week, we just spent our “End of Summer” in the Florida Keys, paddleboarding and snorkeling. But, my husband’s car doesn’t have neoprene seat covers like my car does. I wanted to put some sort of cover on the seats after getting out of the water to keep them from getting grimy.

I’ve done a seat cover like this before, but this time, I made the top pocket using a plain hand towel folded in half, attached to the top of the beach towels. These beach and hand towels were still pretty new and absorbent, so they made a good choice for this project. The pocket sewn along the top of the towel will make it easy to hook over the headrest, PLUS, if I want to lay it out on the beach, I can use it like a pillow. Gnar.

2 large beach towels, 2 hand towels

Used a long zig zag stitch

Next, I sewed up each side edge of the towel, folded over, to make the top pocket.

The top folded pocket completed:

This could work as a nice pillow if you stuff it with another towel

For kicks, I also added a short elastic loop to the bottom so I could roll up the towel and pack it easily.

Makes it easier to pack in the car


Holds over the headrest nicely

After we got back from SUP

The covers came in very handy on our short trip, especially after snorkeling when we were still pretty salty, even after rinsing off.
I made the covers in an afternoon, and that’s with hand sewing one of the covers, since the Terrycloth on one was a bit too thick to go through my sewing machine. A simple tight hand whipstitch using polyester thread and a heavy hand sewing needle worked well to sew these up.
Next, I think I’m going to have to craft up this sign that totally reminds me of the Keys….


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