I Meant to Do That (Learning to Fall off of a Surfboard)

So I had another surf lesson this morning down in the Patrick Air Force Base area, since the waves were fun-sized for longboarding.

At least he went. Yikes.


Even though I’ve been surfing for quite a while now, I’ve only just recently been more careful about how I bail off my surfboard. I’m not too proud to learn the proper way to fall, because I’m certainly not getting any younger, and my punchcard at the Holmes Regional Trauma Center is full. So, today’s surf lesson at the slightly rocky, worm reef area of north Satellite Beach brought back a spoonful of reality.

That’s me (not from today). This ride was headed for a wipeout

I’ve become better at reading the wave, which helps, but I wish I had practiced falling off properly when I was first learning to surf. Better late than never.
My surf teacher suggested I look up skateboarding videos to help with surfing, since they are quite similar. And no, I won’t skateboard anymore (water is softer than concrete), but some of these videos are really good. I found one on YouTube that goes through falling off a skateboard properly, but he really explains how you should fall off safely in any action sport. I don’t personally know this guy, but it’s quite good:

How to Correctly Fall Off a Board (YouTube)

I will use the whitewater now as an opportunity to

Weeble Wobbles!

practice “tumbling” off of my board instead of just flying off backwards. This seems to cut down on the surfboard yanking back and hitting me, which is always a bonus, bro. Remember Weeble Wobble toys?? I figure if I stay low on the board, I can get knocked around like a 1 year old’s toy. For a hot second.

After being very mindful of falling off my surfboard correctly today, I composed a deep haiku, brah.

Paddle, paddle. Grunt.

Push-up. Twist, flail arms around.

CLOSEOUT! Tuck and Roll.

Always remembering the last surf session…..

8 thoughts on “I Meant to Do That (Learning to Fall off of a Surfboard)

  1. I know what you mean, (fr#££!# concrete) but skating really does help. I have sneaky little dawnie skates at a shallow 70s style bowl near me and I always surf better afterwards. I think the main thing it helps with, for me, is reminding me how to properly pump the board to keep the speed on. It is hard on aging knees tho 😭😲😁

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    1. I’ve been practicing that, but I’ll admit that I’ll get greedy with a wave, and stay on waaaay too long (the waves are small and mushy here). But yes, learning to kick out is VERY important! 👍
      Thanks for stopping by! 😎


      1. haha I understand the waves for me are super good recently (not for long boarding because they are closing out a lot and they are shore break) and i have been out their everyday and for me i’m on a long board out at the outside and i never want to give up my wave because they are week and hard to catch on the outside.

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