About Crafty Surf

I’m a crafter, artist, okay surfer chick.

I’m also an engineer and oceanographer, but I’ll be studying how to surf forever. And I also like to come up with crafty stuff, especially relating to my life on the beach here in Florida.

Wipeout Face

That day I had a GREAT wipeout

I’ve lived on the fantabulous East Coast of Florida in Brevard County for many years now following college, but I grew up in Kentucky (Go Cards!)

I love it here, and I love blogging about funny and interesting crap I see and think about all the time. Often I include myself in the strange category of things I notice.


Me and my prone racing paddleboard, the Seadragon.


That’s a huge wave for me!

What a stinky stance

I used to paddleboard race A LOT

Going out to get worked

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this crazy surfer’s blog. You must have a great sense of humor.

10 thoughts on “About Crafty Surf

  1. Cocoa Beach!!!! I grew up in Brevard County….family still lives there, but since I left for college, I have moved all over the US. Hoping to get back to my home town someday. Might just have to wait to retire there ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least my family is still there and I can visit ๐Ÿ™‚

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