The Latest Surfing Gimmicks and Fads

Like I’ve said before, I’m a total sucker for new little surfy inventions and fads. But, like anything, some are good, some are….interesting. I’m not a sponsored surfer by any means (still waiting to get sponsored by KFC so I can get my free biscuits), so these are just my random, average surfer insights. N-Joy.


Dry Start Wetsuit System

Dry Start

Of course, this invention on Kickstarter is from San Diego- the land of chilly water. It’s a solution to dry your Wetsuit fast by using an attachment to the roof of your car. Then, I guess you drive like a maniac until your blow-out of your suit is complete. I can work with that. Also doubles as an impromptu body bag. Yikes.

Pros: Fastest way yet to dry a wetsuit and get out some road rage.

Cons: Bad news if the wetsuit bag flies off the roof of your car and finds a lawyers’ windshield.


The Orange Peel Wax Container (Peel Surf Co.)

Peel Surf Co.

I’ve used silicone molds a lot for making my own wax, recycling wax, etc., so this is not a new idea. However, it’s a mold with a wax “break” line that fits into a car’s cup holder. Smart. Wax melts everywhere here in Florida, where it’s 90 degrees consistently every Summer day. But it’s microwaveable too, so you can whip up a batch of wax without a double boiler. Gnar.

Pros: Will save the inside of a surfmobile, might make you feel all crafty if you make your own wax

Cons: A little pricey at $12, but then, it’s kinda a specialty item. Good for Crafty Surfers- full disclosure: I totally backed this on Kickstarter since I love making wax. Just hope I don’t accidentally take a sip from this on a hot day.

Fashion Color Wetsuits

Roxy, Billabong and XCel have reintroduced color back into neoprene again. This time, there’s less neon green and hot pink, and more modern colors and prints. However, sometimes I feel like I’m doing cosplay at the local Trekker convention in the current designs offered.

Pros: Some style in the water, bright Neoprene always improves the look of your surfing photos.

Cons: You may have to report to Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Number Two.
Quiver Grip Surfboard Rack System

Quiver Grip

This was a new product I found out about recently, and the inventor is from Brevard County, Florida. This rack system uses plastic grips to corral your surfboards upright- like pulling a book from a shelf. It reminds me a bit of an IKEA solution to surfboard storage. It seems easy to install, and it’s cheap (less than $50 for a 3 board wall mount kit). Not crazy about the plastic beer-can holder look of the grips, though.

Pros: Like Huggable Hangers for your surfboards, inexpensive, easy to install and move around on the rail

Cons: Aesthetics of a frat house

Keep on trend, brah!

Ask Mr. Spicoli


Surf Leggings with Custom Digital Photo Print

If you checked out my last post, I had purchased a yard of sport Lycra from with a digital photo I took and uploaded. The fabric came out great, and I was pleased with the quality and weight. For my project, I decided to make some simple, comfortable leggings I could surf in. I used a pattern I picked up in a clearance bin at WallyWorld:

The only drawback was that the fabric was printed on white Lycra, so with a dark print like I had, some white may show through on the seam lines. To minimize this, and to prevent distortion of the photo, I went with the largest size on the pattern- just in case. But, because I only had a yard, I cut the pants short into capris by cutting on the lengthen/shorten line (hehe!).

Hey, as good a line as any!

I cut one for each leg

This pattern was nice because of the minimal seams. One seam on the inner leg, and a seam up the crotch. Schweet.

This needle worked well

Simple zig zag stitch to allow for stretch

Using a walking foot on my machine helped

Inside seams finished

Bagging one leg into the other and clipping to sew up the crotch

There’s no need to finish off the seams since Lycra doesn’t fray out, but I did serge the seams with a two thread overlock to reduce bulk.

Next, I made the waist casing by folding down the top 2 inches and clipping around. I used 1 1/2″ non-roll elastic, leaving a scant seam allowance around the bottom. I also made a little Lycra hanging loop for the inside back of the pant to let it drip dry if I want.

Makin’ the waistband casing

To make the hems on the legs, I used a twin needle to fake a cover stitch. These work great on Lycra, and look awesome on hems.

These are da bomb

Use a long straight stitch with your double needle

Love the look of a double needle


So I was happy I went with the Medium size, because I didn’t want to overextend the Lycra. Yikes.

These held up well

Water cam!!!

Here’s some surf legging action shots by Ted Schultz from last Thursday:

Next time, I think I’m going to try this:

I can do that face. Totally.

Trying Out Fabric for Surfing 

It’s amazing all the various crap you can put a digital image onto now. And for fairly cheap. It used to be limited to posters, cards, keychains, and mugs at your Office Depot. Now, pretty much anything with a surface can be etched or covered with a digital image, and you don’t need to pay for a run of 5000 units to get a custom one made.

Spoonflower is yet another company in a growing market that specializes in using digital photographs to create customized fabric prints. This isn’t an endorsement, just a review of my own thoughts about the trend and their fabric, so it’s just info for ya. Yep, I paid for the stuff myself. Boo.

Love this, my 6’8″ Neilson Blue Hawaii Elvis

I’m really interested in this type of service, since fabric inlays are done all the time on custom surfboards. In fact, I have some Elvis fabric (purchased at Graceland- the Holy Zone- many years ago) glassed into a 6’8″ Neilson. Wouldn’t it be cool to pretend I’m a real photographer and have MY wicked awesome pic glassed into my next surfboard?? Neato. In fact, had some discussion on this topic a while back about printing on custom fabric for use in surfboard designs and art.

I wanted to try this digital fabric printing company out for myself. When I noticed they had not only a variety of cottons, but Lycra available to be printed on, that’s when I knew what I wanted my next surfy project to be.

I used this photo of some beautiful orchids from the Florida Keys my friends got me as a gift a while back. I wanted the Lycra to have a black background, so I did a dark vignette filter on the pic.

Original photo I took

Did the vignette filter on my iPhone, nothing fancy pants

The design upload and selection was pretty easy, and I sized the pic to be tiled onto 1 yard of fabric. One yard with shipping came out to around $35, so it wasn’t THAT cheap. But, relatively speaking, it’s not so outrageous compared with the cost of printed Lycra swimwear these days. I just hoped I wouldn’t mess up sewing, or this would get VERY expensive.

The yard came with a nice wide border around it

The fabric arrived in just a few days. I was happy with the heavy weight of the Sport Lycra. I did wash it twice in the laundry- on its’ own- to ensure no problem with color bleeding. I didn’t notice any fade after these initial washes.

Closeup of the tiled image

In my next post, check out what I made with my yard and if it held up to my style of surfing!

Bieber!!!! Shreddin’ gnar

Corona J-Bay Pro is On!

For those who are up in the middle of the night in the USA (like me!), the World Surf League’s Men’s Jeffrey’s Bay Pro in South Africa is on now.

Nice waves, incredible surfers, but I’m not sure if our Hometown Hero, Kelly Slater, is going to be able to surf. He put up a horrific X-ray showing his recently injured foot on Instagram:

Yikes. Folding your foot backwards? Time for drinks on the beach while watching your friends surf, brah.

The Cocoa Beach Monument

My Surfboards: First Surf Love

This was my first real surfboard that I purchased about 15 years ago. A 7’6″ Town and Country funshape by Stu Sharpe (excellent local shaper). I had been learning to surf on a softtop for about 6 months or so at that point, so I decided to take the leap into the real deal.

My first surfy love

I bought this down in Melbourne, Florida at Longboard House. Like a total surfer girly girl, I will totally admit I saw it in the window, and it was going to be mine. Granted, I probably wasn’t quite ready for a funshape, but it had a lot of rocker (curve) in the nose and tail, which avoided a lot of nosedives on waves. The downside was, I needed to paddle a lot harder for waves because of the short size and the rocker, and I had to learn to “pop-up” much more quickly.

Lots O’ nose rocker

Kept me from pearling a lot

This board is fairly wide, which helps stability, but the narrower tail does help it to turn well. The true turning ability of this board is only something I found out MUCH later, after I learned to turn. Somewhat.

21 3/4″ wide!

Of course, the paint job is gorgeous. The pictures don’t show the purple iridescence, and the hibiscus motif is just eye catching.

A beautiful surfboard is a joy forever

It still comes out for a surf now and then, but it is mostly my babied wall hanger these days since it already has more fixed dings than I would like.

I’m truly not a materialistic person, but I know how Wayne felt seeing his Fender Stratocaster in the shop….

It DID become MINE

WTF is a Liebster Award?


First off, thank you for nominating my silly blog for a Liebster Award. I really enjoy reading the Oh Yes They Did! Blog. They are a mother/daughter blogging duo who try out LOTS of cool new things, from cooking to crafts. Like me, they’re into learning as much as possible, which is a frickin’ blast.

Now, I just need to educate myself on what a Liebster is exactly. I’ve been blogging since 2011, but I used Blogger before (it blows, btw). Nobody ever nominated me for an award before, but I just moved to WordPress last year. A Liebster Award recognizes new bloggers, which technically I am with this new community that has been so encouraging and fun. Thanks, y’all!

So the rules say I must answer some questions posed by the Nominating Bloggers. Here they are:

Oh Yes They Did’s Questions:

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Easy- a seadragon. They don’t have to move quickly, but they always look good doing it.

If you could use only one word to describe your blogging experiences to this point, what would it be? Why?

Random. Because ADD’s a bitch.

What is your go to comfort food?

Right now, Ben and Jerry’s Non Dairy Cherry Garcia. Best ice cream ever made.

What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

My husband. I hate cooking.

If I/we gave you a 20 dollar bill and told you to go make a difference in someone’s life with it, what would you do?

I’d pay the entrance fees for anyone who has never been to the Canaveral National Seashore (Playalinda).

If you could go on your dream vacation tomorrow where would you go?

I’m where I want to be right now.

City or country life?

Neither- beach life or thug life. 4 Eva.

If you could jump on a space ship and travel to any planet, which one would you want to go to?

Uranus. Heh heh.

Which celebrity would you love to meet and what would you say to them?

Judge Marilyn Milian from The People’s Court. I would say to her, “How do you tolerate all of those idiots?”

When going out for dinner, what is your go to meal to order? Or do you like to mix it up and try new things?

I’m a picky vegetarian. Next.

If you could offer one piece of advice to new bloggers, what would that be?

Everyone likes pictures.

Now, I’m supposed to give 11 facts about me/this blog.

  1. I started this blog to inspire others to DIY their own surfing crap.
  2. I was 23 when I first learned to surf.
  3. I had a bad Kitesurfing accident several years ago, and and to “re-learn” how to surf.
  4. At last count, I have 7 surfboards, 4 SUP’s, 3 prone racing paddleboards, 2 bodyboards, a handplane, and no freakin’ room in my garage.
  5. I’ve had skin cancer. WEAR SUNSCREEN.
  6. I love taking pictures.
  7. My favorite surfer is Keala Kennelly (sorry, Kelly!)
  8. I hate surfing in crowds, and crowdsurfing is unhygienic.
  9. I really enjoy Scrappy Yoga’s blog.
  10. Most of my blog traffic comes from Google Searches on how to make something.
  11. I’ve only gotten 1 tiny barrel during my time surfing, and it closed out hard on me. But I had a witness. Score.

For the next part of this award, I’m supposed to nominate eleven other blogs. It feels a little like a chain letter, and I don’t feel qualified at this point to nominate anyone. The blogs I follow seem to be doing alright, so I don’t think anyone will cry.

I’m also supposed to come up with 11 questions to pose to others. I’m just too lazy, so here’s one. Feel free to answer it in the comments below.

Would You Rather?

Ride a perfect, consistent, peeling longboard wave over and over again for one day,


Drop into a 25 foot wave once at Sunset in Hawaii, knowing you would live through it?

Discuss amongst yourselves

3D Printed GoPro Wrist Mount

So this is my 3rd GoPro camera. Honestly, I’m not all that stoked on GoPro, but it takes passable pics in the water, and I like taking pictures for fun. Especially of my talented surfer friends. Me….not so much. Yikes.

I replaced my broken GoPro Hero 3 several months ago with the newer Hero Black Edition. It’s much smaller, lighter, and doesn’t require the pain in the ass housing.

However, the GoPro remote I had bought only a year ago had also given up the ghost. And I was NOT about to buy another remote, nor was I going to pay $50 bucks for a wrist strap mount that I knew wouldn’t be small enough for my wrist.

Luckily, we have a 3D printer, handy for printing out custom bits of plastic (PLA). But this plastic is made from corn, AND is compostable. Super gnar.

I put my “custom order” in with my husband, who drew up what I wanted for this project in

Funky green prototype

Creo Parametric, a digital drawing program. The file was exported for use in our MakerBot 3D Replicator. The original prototype- a custom-sized wrist mount with 1 1/2″ wide slots for a wrist band to pass through- was printed in low resolution (the surface was very grainy when completed, but it printed in less than a 1/2 hour). This prototype was made to check sizing and fit with the camera.
Once that checked out, a final version was printed in black using a much higher resolution. The underside of the mount was still very rough, due to how the item is printed. Since I had already intended to cover it with a scrap piece of wetsuit from a chest piece (where the rubbery grip is), it didn’t matter. The small piece of neoprene foam was going to be a cushion for my wrist. I used my quilt clips to make sure the glue made a good bond between the pieces.

The finished 3D printed mount

The unsanded underside of the mount to be covered with scrap neoprene foam

My scrap piece of rubber grip neoprene foam, the underside of the mount, and some glue

Clamping the scrap neoprene under the mount after placing the glue

Because I thought it would be EASY to find 1 1/2″ wide Velcro that would be suitable, I wanted the opening for the strap that wide. Also, the strap needed to be wide enough to prevent the camera from sliding around. But, alas, I had to make do by sewing two strips of 3/4″ Velcro side by side to make a wide strap since 1 1/2″ couldn’t be found readily. Good gravy.

This type is EXCELLENT for this purpose, and only costs a few bucks

Measured out the length I needed- make sure to flip the Velcro and re-sew it, or it won’t stick to itself!

Ready to try out for reals

The neoprene rubber inside keeps it from slipping

With the floaty on it

It turned out to be very comfortable to use, and I could easily paddle with it on. Here are some pictures from the other day using the wrist mount in the water.

Glad I got a few pics. The GoPro camera’s broken now, but the mount held up great. It was fun while it lasted.