Last Minute Surfer Gifts

Good job. You waited until the last minute. I had a grown cousin who waited until the last minute to get Christmas gifts, and I ended up with a Jesus Portrait Paint-by-Number. Not kidding. Wonder where they got the original portrait?
But I digress…
If you want to look like you might give a damn about your friend or family member who is a surfer, consider these ideas instead of the 6 pack of Wine Spritzers you saw at Publix.
ALL of these projects take 2 hours OR LESS!!!

DIY Personalized Surf Wax
Fin Screw Keychain
DIY Wetsuit Wash
Surf Pic Magnets
Triple Stringer Picture Frame
DIY Surf Wax Candle
Surfer Necklace
Sex Wax Magnet
Blank Surfboard Shapes for Coloring
Save a Surf Kit
Surf Photo T Shirt
Mini Emergency Kit
DIY Wax Comb

Take just a few moments of your time, and you’ll have a thoughtful gift on your hands.
Ok, ok, you can do the booze gift thing….just get Crown Royal so they get the drawstring bag to make a craft with while sloshed. Christmas Time!!! YAY!

DIY Fin Screw Keychain

I lost one of my good Proteck fins the other day. Not because I was busting air, or shredding, or shralping, etc. I had a screw loose in my Future mount and it dropped off. I stink at surfing so much I didn’t even notice.
I guess this is a good time to argue at length about FCS and Future mounts- which is better?- but for now, I’ll just sit and cry. It was a good fin, and will be missed.
On the positive side, this made me think about holding extra screws just in case I ever catch one out before the fall. I know FCS makes a nifty screw and key holder keychain, but it’s a little bulky, and I usually carry a multi size Allen wrench tool anyway since I use a larger one for my SUP. The downside is too, that they don’t make these for Futures, as I’m aware.
So, I went to my go to- plastic modeling clay. It does anything and costs a buck a bar.

It’s not a turd, just brown clay.

I started by measuring my fin screws. The FCS screws are a little shorter than the Futures screws, so I need to take those measurements in consideration when making the thickness of my holder:

Future Fin Screw
FCS Fin Screw

Next, I rolled off about 1/2 a bar of the clay, and rolled it until smooth into a ball. Then, I used a Plexiglas roller (or you can use your palm) to press it flat into a disc, or any shape you want, as long as it’s thicker than the fin screw type you’re using. Next, I took a screw (FCS in this case) and carefully “screwed” it into the clay with a key. Stay even and as straight as possible. You are creating threads in the clay to hold the screw in, so don’t make a lot of slop:

It’s like a fin screw donut.

I screwed the rest of the screws I wanted it to hold into the disc, being careful not to screw too far in and pierce the back of the disc.

After I had all the screws set where I wanted, and left IN PLACE (important!), I made a hang hole with a straw:

Next, leaving the screws in the clay, I baked this clay (FIMO soft) at 250 degrees F for 40 minutes to ensure hardness. I placed it on a cookie sheet on a piece of brown bag paper for the oven:

Ready for the oven!

After removing the screw holder and letting it cool, I made sure the internal threads were set by using my fin key to back the screws out of the holder:


After screwing the screw back into the holder, I attached the holder to a key chain with the fin key (if you need one), and marked the back in Sharpie marker “FCS” to indicate the type of screws in the holder.
Here’s the finished product:

You can use a less obnoxious sized key chain, but you can see that I can hold more screws in this little 1″ diameter disc, instead of just the two in the commercial one, and you can still put the key on your ring without as much bulk as the other, plus now you can put Future screws in one you make yourself!
Now I just need to improve my fin installation technique. I least I have them pointing the right way in the box- that’s something, right?

Surf Wax Erasers

So the kids are back in school locally, and I have to say I feel bad for them. It stinks to be young and miss out on huge hurricane waves when your bones are still so pliable.
I thought this would be a fun craft for the little groms, or big groms, maybe. On occasion, humans are still seen using pencils (the horror!) and not a digital device. With that, we will always need the old fashioned delete button: the humble eraser. I wanted to have a little fun with it, and maybe bring a little of the stoke into the classroom.
They make this modeling clay that will bake into an eraser. I’ve never tried it, so I thought this would be a good, simple project to test it out.

Sculpey eraser clay- I picked it up for 40% off at the local craft store.
Normally runs about $10.
It comes in a few bright colors I thought would work. As a bonus, it came with a sculpting tool and small roller, but I mostly used the roller. As a form to cut out the little wax bars, I used one of my leather punches at 1 3/16″ diameter. You can get a small cookie cutter that will work the exact same.
Clay block, punch for form, and plastic roller
My leather punch, around 1 3/16″
I rolled the little clay block in my hands to warm it up and made a chunk flattened on top and bottom that was around 1/2″ thick. From there, I pressed the circle punch into the clay to make the wax cake, rounding off the top edges a bit with my finger:
Round off the top sharp edges so it looks more like a cake of wax.
I repeated this with other colors, and even mixed colors when I has bits left over:
Pre-baked wax bar.
I put these in the over at 250 degrees for around 40 minutes due to the thickness of the clay.
Next, I got some sticker paper and made some small “Surf Wax” labels for each bar on the computer as well as some cling wrap to wrap around each bar:
Erasers, sheet of labels, and wrap for the erasers.
I cut out around each label (only as many as needed) and cut a circle of plastic wrap for each bar that was around 1/2″ larger all around than the eraser. Then, I wrapped the plastic wrap on, keeping the top smooth and wrapping the rest around the bottom. I then affixed a label to each one, onto the plastic. Here they are, with a quarter for size reference:
Tiny wax!
They really work! And they don’t color up your paper, that’s a bonus. Maybe I could use these to erase all the pencil notes out of my 15 year old textbooks so I can sell them back. Nothing’s happened in Modern Physics while I’ve been gone, right???