The Latest Surfing Trends and Fads: Spring Edition

Once again, I’ve got a fresh batch of surfy gimmicks and gadgets from the surfing world. Am I EVER given any of these things for free? No freakin’ way- I’m the last average surfer chick they’d want reppin’ their brand, and that’s all good with me. Some of these I think are great ideas, but some paddle straight into a huge closeout.

As always, N-Joy….

Shower Toga



So this is another Kickstarter funded product that allows you to take a full shower in the open. This may be necessary after surfing in a remote location, or if you need to return to work with minimal stink. To me, this is an easy DIY project with an old shower curtain (instructions here, kids), but I guess there are enough people who don’t have time nor interest to go the DIY route. The price is pretty high in my opinion, but I guess if you’re part of the need-it-now crew, thirty bucks (plus tax and shipping) isn’t bad. They also sell a rinse kit that is very similar to another DIY project I’ve done. Just sayin’.

Cost: $29.95
  • If you don’t wanna do DIY and have 30 bucks to spend on a fancy shower curtain, this looks like a good one
  • If you’re against the wonders of indoor plumbing and live with a bear named Ben, this was made for you
  • It’s a $30 shower curtain


Shark Eyes


So this has become THE hot item as of late, and I’ve seen it on quite a few boards around here. Developed by Australian surfers, they are large eye stickers placed on the bottom of your board to supposedly deter sharks from below, minimizing the chance of being attacked. Hey, it’s the psychology of it all, ya know? Come to think of it, I had my DIY anti-shark device on my board when I was NOT attacked by a shark, but just popped in the head by an errant stingray. Thesis defended, drop da mic.

Oh, wait- I forgot. I don’t have the Australian cred. D’OH!

Cost: $20 per sticker
  • Great gift from a nervous Surf Mom to her Groms
  • Fun decor for any type of board
  • Cheaper than SharkBanz
  • Could end up in an interesting staring contest with a shark
  • Shouldn’t be construed as any type of guarantee- local awareness always matters
  • It’s a big sticker of an eye….that’s a little freaky
  • As of today’s post, their website is down, so….that’s never a good sign


Hang Air

This product is a wetsuit hanger that contains a waterproof air fan to dry your wetsuit faster than just slinging it over your shower rail. I honestly didn’t think much of it when it first came out, but now I’m a total believer. It’s pricey, but I’ve had mine for a few seasons now, and I’d never surf in winter without it. I can hang my suit up wet after an afternoon sesh, turn it on, and the next morning it’s totally dry. This is also good for those multi-day SCUBA trips, because a dry wetsuit is a good thing at 8:00 A.M. on a cattle boat out to a reef. Keeps the suit usable for a longer time too, in my opinion. Also nice is that it’s made in the USA from recycled materials too.

Cost: $69.90 
  • Keeps the stank out
  • Prolongs the life of the suit by preventing mold and bacteria growth
  • The hanger holds up to 100 lbs- that’s a lot of soakin’ wet gear it can handle
  • Pricey up front, about the cost of an average wetsuit
  • The large size of the hanger may make it difficult for smaller wetsuits to fit over it properly (I have some difficulty with mine)


MyGo Mouth Mount for GoPro

Ok, so it constantly amazes me the number of different GoPro camera mounts available on the market. I have noticed a trend within the last year of these “mouth mounts” on many surfers using GoPros in the lineup. Yes, these mounts- used by Kelly Slater himself- can produce some outstanding footage of the inside of Pipeline from your simple GoPro, making for some epic surf vids.

Problem is, how often are YOU surfing at Pipeline? Yeah, me neither.

The mouth mount honestly looks a bit dangerous to use in a heavy swell. While the footage can be worth it on big barreling waves, most surfers won’t be dazzled by their own video- I’ve seen a handful of decent looking mouth-mounted shots, and they’re all from Slater, of course. So it’s a meh accessory for someone like me.

Cost: $29.99 (marked down from $34.99)
  • Comes with bite supports that claim to give more stable footage
  • About average price of most GoPro anything
  • Compact and easy to use for a skilled surfer
  • Can be dangerous for even an intermediate surfer to use in rough surf
  • No flotation (but a lanyard is included)
  • This type of angle is typically not desired for average waves and/or surfers- it won’t really impress your buds unless it’s a gnar barrel


Hope you enjoyed checking out some phunky phresh surfy gadgets and trends out there in the fun Surfing World. Above all else though, we all just wanna catch as many waves as humanly possible, right? The rest is….well, just even MORE gravy.


Somewhere in between always works, brah

How to Remove GoPro Mounts (without having to reglass your board!)

I’ve had a board I’ve liked and surfed on for a while, but I was ready for something a little different this year. I would like to sell it, and it’s still in great shape, but I have Go Pro mounts on the nose of it that I put on about a YEAR ago! Yikes….

Now, I realize some people would like having the mounts, but there are others who may see the mounts as a Kook beacon (and I should care why?). Well, for selling it, better err on the side of macho. So this requires a bit of work and time. Don’t start this process if you’re in a hot rush to surf, America’s Got Talent’s coming on, or your turn’s coming up in Beer Pong.
For this, I used a small, wide, rounded butter knife. We had a few in the drawer for those dinner parties we have…..never. If you don’t have one, take a visit to your local thrift store, since nobody else is hosting dinner parties either. I also got a spray bottle off Goo Gone (hardware stores have this) and a few paper towels.
Next, over the paper towel, I gave the blade of the rounded knife a good dousing of Goo Gone.
After coating both sides of the blade, I began to slip the rounded part of the blade in between the adhesive around the edges of board, getting the Goo Gone into the edges.

I did NOT try to lift up or pry up the mount a this point-
#1) I didn’t want to break my little tool,
#2) The adhesive removal hasn’t had time to do it’s thing.
That’s right, after you’ve gone around the edges with the knife with some Goo Gone, let it sit for a few. Approximately the time it takes to slam half a PBR. Don’t drink the other half just yet, or you may confuse the Goo Gone with it. Ewwww.
I repeated the process of coating the knife with the adhesive removal, then going under the disc a bit deeper, only slightly prying up from the area that had been loosened on the previous pass. In addition, I also sprayed a bit of Goo Gone into the crack forming to let it seep into the rest of the adhesive as I went around.
I then let the Goo Gone work it’s magic for a few minutes again.
I SLOWLY lifted the disc from the board. Now you can see how easily the disc pries up from the surface, leaving no scratches on the board:
I repeated this with the tether mount. I cannot stress that you must lift slowly, or you’ll get gobs of adhesive that will break off that you have to scrape off the board.

Any remaining adhesive residue left on the board I sprayed with the Goo Gone, left on there for 15 minutes, then wiped off thoroughly, then I cleaned the area with soap and water.
Whoomp! There it is….

Wish me luck in selling Mr. Funshape- he just went from “GoPro” to Amateur status now……