Beach House: Mini Air Plant Baskets

I absolutely love air plants. They’ve always had a tropical feel to them, I guess since they kind of resemble palm trees or pineapple tops. They’re

Various air plants like mine

easy to maintain, requiring just a hint of care.

I have a growing collection (pun intended) of them that I get from a local place in Brevard, Florida, Rockledge Gardens.

I wanted to bring a couple inside since they’re good for air quality, but I wanted to make sure they would get plenty of sun and ventilation.

The window in the main bathroom turned out to be a perfect spot for some mini hanging baskets. Eleanora at Coastal Crochet did a mini basket for Easter, so she inspired this craft. Thanks!

Get my pattern here. Enjoy….

Small shells make for good drainage

These Baskets stand up on their own


Since the temperature is only going to get hotter from here, these might just be the only green things left around here. Luckily, it’s rainy season now in Florida.

Still frickin’ hilarious

Florida Palm Branch Christmas Tree

It never feels like the traditional holidays down here in Florida. No snow, no 20 degree temps (usually), and palm trees everywhere. I still wouldn’t trade living here for anything, so I wanted to embrace it by making a Florida Christmas Tree.
Many palm trees down here produce inflorescence, which looks kind of like a little branch with fruit protruding from the heart area of the palm:

From Palm inflorescence on the tree

I took the dying inflorescence off at the base of one of our big palms and let it dry out for several days. This results in a little tree shape that is quite sturdy. I took a mason jar and filled it with local beach sand and “planted” it. I also added some local shells around the top for some added flair.
I decorated the tree with lots of ornaments, ribbons, and LED lights. It really holds quite a bit, and has lots of little branches to hang things from.
Here’s my decorated “tree”:

It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas!

Super easy and Florida Festive!