DIY Neoprene Sunscreen Stick Holder

Going through my stash of upcycle items, I still had a bit of 2 mm neoprene from a old pair of surf shorts that I had cut up for a past neoprene project. I only had a bit left, so I used the remnant to make a little holder for my sunscreen stick that I can attach to whatever I want when I head to the beach.

For this, I needed neoprene, some 4 lb test fishing line or strong thread, a medium weight needle, a split ring (like for a standard keychain), some scissors, and my sunscreen stick:

I made a pattern that is usable for a regular sunscreen face stick like you’d pick up at the drugstore. Mine is 3″ around and 3 3/4″ tall, so the pattern is based on those measurements. You can adjust the pattern as needed if yours is a bit different. The pattern is there to give you an idea of the cutout outline.

I cut out the pattern to show you how it works. The dotted lines are fold marks plus one line-up mark to show where the top and bottom will meet. You’ll be folding the top part over the split ring and straight stitch across, then fold the bottom up and whip stitch up the sides. Neoprene’s stretchy, and this is meant to be a snug fit, so this pattern is meant for use with this material only. You may need to make it wider if you’re using another material like cotton.

To make sure the pattern stays in place while I cut, I stapled it to the neoprene in a few spots. 

Next, I folded the top section over the split ring and just straight stitched by hand with the needle and fishing line along the section’s bottom:

I clipped off any extra line after knotting the ends, and flipped it over. I folded the bottom section up like the pictures above indicated, and just whip stitched up the sides. Try to make small stitches- taking shortcuts will guarantee a short life on your holder. You can add a carabiner or clip to it for convenience. As you can see, the snug fit keeps the sunscreen stick from falling out.


When I was done, it looked a lot a mace holder. Maybe that’s appropriate. The Sun can be pretty deadly.

Easy DIY Sunscreen Safe

Here’s a simple little hack to keep your things safe on the beach from prying eyes that I’ve seen using a wide type of sunscreen bottle like this:


You’ll want to keep things like you’re keys, money, etc., but, the opening is usually pretty small:

so by taking an Exacto knife and cutting away the top except at the lip where it can still attach at the original top:

you can make a wide mouth safe to put your stuff in that nobody will suspect.

If you have trouble keeping the top on, just use a hair elastic, no one will think anything of it:

Super easy!!

Mini Sunscreen Dispenser on the Go

Even though the Summer is ending, I’m still planning on being on the water, surfing and paddling….and freezing, probably. I’ve still got to remember to put on sunscreen because even in the Winter, you can still get charred skin, and since your face is normally exposed, I thought it would be good to keep some with me for my face.
I’m guilty of using some of those water flavor things in that compact packaging that really is wasteful, but makes my water taste a lot better. I hate to throw these out since they are great little squeeze bottles, and the labels are wrapped around the outside, so they just peel right off:

Make sure you rinse the bottle out really well by giving the bottle top a good twist. It will pop off. Run water though the nozzle too or you may have some “orange tangerine” in your sunscreen….hmmm, it would smell good!
Next, I got some sticker paper I can run through the printer to make a cool label:

I had to make the label VERY small, so keep that in mind. I hand cut around the image to the size I wanted. I could stick this directly onto the bottle, but since I’m going to use this around water, I wanted to protect the image, so I used some packing tape over the top of the image and then cut it out:

I just peeled off the backing of the sticker, placed it onto the front of the bottle, and it’s labeled.
Squeeze in some sunscreen from a large bottle (use economy size and save some cash!) and pop the top back on. The little bottle is leakproof, just make sure it snaps on completely:

Done! Pocket sunscreen on the go…..