My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: DIY Rinse Off Station

So the next thing I keep in the back of the Mirthmobile is a Pressurized Sprayer filled with water to rinse off with after surfing. I made this smaller 2 gallon size to fit in this model hatchback. See how to make your own in this DIY project, where I refitted a 5 gallon weed sprayer like this.

I also used an old plastic paper filing container (without the lid) to put the portable surf shower into just in case the nozzle leaks a little water. The bin also serves as a catch-all for those lovely bits of treasure people leave behind on the beach. Pick up your damn trash, people.

I found this red Solo cup floating in the water when I paddled out yesterday, at least now it can be recycled.

So here’s what the trunk ends up looking like so far with my surf gear:

Still plenty of room for lots more surf crap. I just wish we’d get some waves. We’ve had a solid few days of some dismal flatness.