My Florida Halloween Pumpkin DIY

So last year, I painted a real pumpkin. Problem is, the weather here is supa hot, AND rainy, AND windy with extra salt in the air. I only got to enjoy my pumpkin for a week last Halloween, then it started to decay, and flecks of paint started to scatter all over my yard and driveway. Grody.

This year, I took’s advice, and bought a foam craft pumpkin to paint instead. I even thought it would be fun to cut a hole in the 

Step 1…cut a hole in da box

bottom for an LED tea light to be placed inside, so I wanted to drill some small holes in it too for the light to shine through.

Picked this up at the craft store for $5, these pumpkins are hollow foam

Next time, I’ll use a thicker acrylic paint.

The first layer sponged on

Starting to paint in some waves

I made sure to seal the paint job this time!

I marked the “stars” with a metallic Sharpie, and drilled them out with a 1/8” bit on my Dremel. The foam was thicker than I thought!

Drilling the holes

It looks festive covered in foam bits

To cut the piece out of the bottom for the LED light, I used a diamond bit for carving. I certainly didn’t get the smoothest cut, reminds me about how well I carve a real pumpkin….

I cut a section out of the bottom, then resealed for good measure

Horrible cut, but it’s on the bottom! I attached the tea light with foam tape to the bottom

I placed the pumpkin over the foam piece with the LED, and it fit back together well enough, I didn’t need any tape nor glue. Honestly, I’m so freakin’ lazy, that I’m going to leave the little LED tea light in the ON mode. During the day, you can’t see it, and I won’t have to remember to turn it on when it gets dark. Win.

This looks more beachy

Here it is at night, with the LED on

I recommend this project to surfers to want to try out working with paint pens before painting an actual board. The surface of the pumpkin foam is quite similar, and it’s a good creative outlet. Remember, there are no mistakes, just happy little trees, bro….

Paint what you see

No Plastic for Teal Pumpkin Halloween

img_0161I was reading online about this big trend with the teal pumpkins for Halloween this year. The thing is, if you have kids with food allergies, a Teal Pumpkin posted at your home  indicates you have non-food treats available.

Great idea, but I knew what goes along with that. Lots of little plastic trash that ends up in a landfill (or a beach, ahem). Some people have even suggested handing out balloons…..WTF?

img_0153Since I’ve been sitting around with a bad ankle injury from a silly close out wave, I’ve been doodling. Along these lines, I thought up something simple and maybe *somewhat* recyclable.

I decided on drawing up and scanning a couple of 1/2 coloring pages that can be quickly printed, cut or folded, and matched with a 50 cent pack of crayons to hand out on Halloween. I’ll still have candy, but I’ll make a few of these for those kids who would rather color….hey, I like it too.

You can draw your coloring page with a Sharpie, then scan, copy and print off some like I did, or just print off this PDF version:

Halloween Ocean Coloring Pages

Enjoy Bruh!