DIY Boardshort Pillow

When I was young,  I would bug my patient grandmother to teach me to sew. She was a talented seamstress, and sewed for me the most beautiful dresses when I was younger, one of which I still keep with my wedding dress and formal wear.

Back then, I also remember her making me the coolest “Jams” out of ANY wacky printed cotton combo fabric I wanted in Hancock’s Fabrics. I loved my crazy ass pairs of Jams, and even today, I find myself wearing boardshorts with crazy prints just about every day. Honestly, they’re coastal Florida’s version of sweatpants.

I’ll totally admit that most of my boardshort collection is storebought, since surf companies use this schweet, stretchy, silky material that an average home sewer like me can’t get reasonably. Fortunately, most boardshorts like these are fairly long-wearing if you don’t put ’em in the dryer after washing. Good, since you may need to skip a car payment to buy some of these pairs lately…yikes.


Loved these

One of my favorite pairs of boardshorts was ready for retirement, but I loved the surfboard print, and wanted to hang on to it in a unique way. So I made it into a squishy pillow that I could use indoors or out.

The stitching is pretty straightforward, I attached the inseam of the shorts up about 2″ from the bottom to make the pillow look more square after stuffing, but the legs are still somewhat distinctive.


Stitching the inseam up to the mark



2” of inseam sewn together

After this step, it’s a matter of closing up the holes. Just leave the top middle section open to stuff, OR you could stuff through the fly, then sew those openings up. The fly section was going to be too bulky for my machine, so I hand sewed the opening shut.



Sewing the fly shut on the machine was tricky!

You can handstitch this Pillow or machine stitch it, neither way takes very long. Just make sure it’s stitched up tightly enough to be moderately stuffed, and machine washable. Don’t overstuff this, or it might start looking too much like an ass pillow.


Stuff a little at a time



Handsewing the top shut





Husband calls it the Butt Pillow


Another I made for one of my BFFs


I like my Ass Pillow


I have the awful feeling the pillows only get bigger from this point on though….



Yeah, hold da meat



WTF is a Liebster Award?


First off, thank you for nominating my silly blog for a Liebster Award. I really enjoy reading the Oh Yes They Did! Blog. They are a mother/daughter blogging duo who try out LOTS of cool new things, from cooking to crafts. Like me, they’re into learning as much as possible, which is a frickin’ blast.

Now, I just need to educate myself on what a Liebster is exactly. I’ve been blogging since 2011, but I used Blogger before (it blows, btw). Nobody ever nominated me for an award before, but I just moved to WordPress last year. A Liebster Award recognizes new bloggers, which technically I am with this new community that has been so encouraging and fun. Thanks, y’all!

So the rules say I must answer some questions posed by the Nominating Bloggers. Here they are:

Oh Yes They Did’s Questions:

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Easy- a seadragon. They don’t have to move quickly, but they always look good doing it.

If you could use only one word to describe your blogging experiences to this point, what would it be? Why?

Random. Because ADD’s a bitch.

What is your go to comfort food?

Right now, Ben and Jerry’s Non Dairy Cherry Garcia. Best ice cream ever made.

What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

My husband. I hate cooking.

If I/we gave you a 20 dollar bill and told you to go make a difference in someone’s life with it, what would you do?

I’d pay the entrance fees for anyone who has never been to the Canaveral National Seashore (Playalinda).

If you could go on your dream vacation tomorrow where would you go?

I’m where I want to be right now.

City or country life?

Neither- beach life or thug life. 4 Eva.

If you could jump on a space ship and travel to any planet, which one would you want to go to?

Uranus. Heh heh.

Which celebrity would you love to meet and what would you say to them?

Judge Marilyn Milian from The People’s Court. I would say to her, “How do you tolerate all of those idiots?”

When going out for dinner, what is your go to meal to order? Or do you like to mix it up and try new things?

I’m a picky vegetarian. Next.

If you could offer one piece of advice to new bloggers, what would that be?

Everyone likes pictures.

Now, I’m supposed to give 11 facts about me/this blog.

  1. I started this blog to inspire others to DIY their own surfing crap.
  2. I was 23 when I first learned to surf.
  3. I had a bad Kitesurfing accident several years ago, and and to “re-learn” how to surf.
  4. At last count, I have 7 surfboards, 4 SUP’s, 3 prone racing paddleboards, 2 bodyboards, a handplane, and no freakin’ room in my garage.
  5. I’ve had skin cancer. WEAR SUNSCREEN.
  6. I love taking pictures.
  7. My favorite surfer is Keala Kennelly (sorry, Kelly!)
  8. I hate surfing in crowds, and crowdsurfing is unhygienic.
  9. I really enjoy Scrappy Yoga’s blog.
  10. Most of my blog traffic comes from Google Searches on how to make something.
  11. I’ve only gotten 1 tiny barrel during my time surfing, and it closed out hard on me. But I had a witness. Score.

For the next part of this award, I’m supposed to nominate eleven other blogs. It feels a little like a chain letter, and I don’t feel qualified at this point to nominate anyone. The blogs I follow seem to be doing alright, so I don’t think anyone will cry.

I’m also supposed to come up with 11 questions to pose to others. I’m just too lazy, so here’s one. Feel free to answer it in the comments below.

Would You Rather?

Ride a perfect, consistent, peeling longboard wave over and over again for one day,


Drop into a 25 foot wave once at Sunset in Hawaii, knowing you would live through it?

Discuss amongst yourselves